Ipstones Tiny Tots Nursery -
The Seedling Room is dedicated to the younger children, from 6 months to 24/30 months, It has a range of age-appropriate resources and activities are planned to suit the age of the children and their individual needs. 

The ratio in the Seedling Room is 1 nursery practitioner to 3 children. We can accommodate upto 12 children at any time.

All our staff work hard to provide the best start for the children, working hard with the parents/carers to ensure the transition from home to nursery is as close to the child's routine as possible.

Through observations we will plan activities that will help the children progress to develop new skills based on the Early Years Foundation Stages in the 7 areas of development. We have toys and equipment to cater for all the children's ages and interests to help further develop their skills.

We utilise both the indoor and outside environment, so that, weather permitting the children can access free flow play and choose to play inside or outside in the morning and afternoon.

The children are cared for with great affection and skill allowing parents to be safe in the knowledge that their child will have had a secure and happy day in the Seedling Room.

Our sleep area is safe and secure
with gentle lighting helping create
a calm and relaxed environment.
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